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We Knew Early On...



11/13/2013 - 7/29/2014

We knew early on that our daughter would be born with Down Syndrome and an AV canal heart defect that would require open heart surgery. She came into this world a very sick but happy baby. For the 8 months that we were blessed to have her she endured many operations and hospital stays. Even with the odds stacked against her she hardly ever cried and was the most loveable little baby, even winning over several doctors while in the NICU. 

In July 2014 we brought her home after her last surgery for a Gtube hoping that the worst was behind us. Unfortunately our little angel passed away in her sleep just one week after my own birthday. She will be remembered always for her coos and sweet smile. We nicknamed her "Poptart" because she was so small. Never got to wear anything bigger than newborn clothes and diapers due to only weighing 8 pounds even at the time of her death at 8 months old.

Sophie's family benefited from our Gone Too Soon Program, which provides FREE pictures for the headstones of children who passed away before the age of 18. For every picture that we sell at regular price we give one of these away to these families.

Please share with friends and family so we can help as many families as possible!

At MemorialPics LLC we are dedicated to creating beautiful works of memorial art including pictures for headstones, complete headstones, and memorial photo necklaces. Our products are made to stand the test of time and still have the same vibrant colors for years to come, even in the outdoors!

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